​Many first time car buyers are always faced with a myriad of options when they are ready to purchase their first car. Everyone around you has an opinion about what car you should buy based on stereotype messages out there about different brands . Well am here to tell you, some of these stereotype messages, some true and some not, are outdated. 

Why you ask, because different car makers are always hammering out the defects that show up with time as car owners bring their cars to the dealerships with complaints about the different failing  components in their engines. So they pick up this feedback from the mechanics and go to work in ironing out those flaws.

Many potential first time buyers have come to our showroom with these fears in mind and we are always quick to dispel them as we are in a better position to advice which cars are best suited for our customers based on their personality and preference. 

Choosing your first car is a lot like choosing your mate for life, you have to be counselled wisely on how to go about it. Fortunately our position in the in the auto sales industry has positioned us very strategically to advice you best based on how we have witnessed different car brands evolve into what they are today.

Some of the  factors you should consider when picking out your first car are: price, driving comfort, cabin space, utility, age, fuel economy and reliability, so as to get the right car that suits your needs. 

Many buyers in Kenya are always concerned about resale value, this is a wrong approach when considering your first car. What should be at the top of your mind is 'will you be happy with this car as a daily driver?' 'Will it put a smile on your face every morning when your turn that car ignition'.

We have compiled a list of the best cars to buy in Kenya based on popularity, purchase price, utility, efficiency, maintenance, reliability and resale value.

2012 Subaru Imprezza

​Compact Car for Families

​As part of its redesign for 2012, the Impreza sedan and hatchback received a new, 148-horsepower four-cylinder engine, which is mated to either a manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT). Many of our customers have provided positive reviews stating that the engine and CVT combo provide adequate power from a stop, this ability can come in handy when you need sudden power to navigate out of tricky road situations. Still, most agreed that the Impreza delivers composed handling and a comfortable ride. The Impreza achieves up to 27/36 mpg city/highway, which is isn't class-leading, but still good for the class, especially considering the Impreza's standard all-wheel drive.